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How Delivery & Pickup Works


Please note: We only deliver to Rhode Island and some bordering coastal towns in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Your order of fresh, clean sheets, towels and gear will be delivered to the door of your vacation house by 5:00 PM on your arrival day (usually it's much earlier than 5:00 PM). *Important*  When you order, your "Billing Address" is the address to where your credit card bill is sent; we must have an address match for credit card approval. Your "Shipping Address" is the address of your VACATION RENTAL. If you are not sure of your Shipping Address, please contact your Realtor/Property Manager/Owner before placing your order, or give us a call and we will reach out to get that address for you.


On your departure day, please place all rented items into the delivery bag(s) and place them and any other rented items/gear OUTSIDE of your door by 10:00AM.  PLACE EVERYTHING OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE BY THE FRONT DOOR. We don't have access to the inside of your vacation house, and items rented from us belong to our company, not the homeowner, realtor or cleaning service. Please do not return to us anything that is not ours. Only return to us the same items that you received in your delivery and nothing else.

We need back ALL items that we rented to you, whether you used them or not. We do NOT issue refunds for unused items. IF WE DO NOT GET EVERY RENTAL ITEM BACK from you on your check out day, or if any item(s) are permanently stained or damaged when we receive them back from you, additional fees will be assessed depending on the extent of the damages. 

What do I need to do before I leave my rental property on check-out day?

On the day of check out, double check your rental property for all delivered items, even the small items which tend to go missing, such as pillow cases. If you ordered beach gear, please remove all sand, sunscreen, debris and make sure equipment is dry before return. Place everything back in the delivery box(es)/bag(s) in the same location where your order was dropped off, no later than 10:00 AM. Items not left OUTSIDE for pick up by 10:00 AM, will result in an additional $50 return trip fee.

Do I still leave my rental items outside on check-out day if it's raining?

YES! Even if it's raining, still put everything OUTSIDE. We do appreciate it if you could try to put them under cover from the weather, if possible (under an overhang, etc.).


If you extend your stay or are delayed checking out, please contact us immediately (401-368-8830) so we can re-schedule the pick up.